Foundation Support Fund Bredius

Foundation Support Fund Bredius


RSIN number: 009885675

Lange Vijverberg 14

2513 AC Den Haag



The foundation has as its mission promoting the interest at home and abroad in Dutch art and

craftmanship, particularly of the 17th and 18th centuries and tries to achieve this by collecting funds for

and giving financial support to especially the Foundation Bredius Fellowship.


Policy plan:

The foundation receives and assesses applications of the Foundation Bredius fellowship and decides

if and to what extent financial support will be given to this foundation.



The board consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and members.

The board is composed as follows:

J. Hoogsteder,

W.J. Hoogsteder,

F.Ch.M. Tilman.


Remuneration policy:

The foundation has no staff, the members of the board do not receive any remuneration, nor any

expense allowance. Report update: in 2013 no applications were made by the Foundation Bredius

Fellowship. Budget: it is to be expected that in 2014 the Foundation Bredius Fellowship will make a

substantial application to the Support Fund Foundation. As the amount of this application, nor the

extent of the contributions to the Support Fund can be determined at present, no budget can be made.

Still the usual annual amount of contributions of approximately € 10.000 is expected to be realised.


Report update and budget:

In the reporting year 2014 no donations were made. As it cannot be determined to what extent

applications will be made to the foundation, no budget can be made. With roughly € 7.000,- the usual

annual amount of contributions of approximately € 10.000 was not realised.

Statement of Income and Expenditure 2014 support fund

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